Batmobile Bed Let’s Your Kids Nap Like A Superhero

Quick question: do you think Batman ever takes car-naps? You know, just parks the Batmobile someplace quiet mid-patrol and dozes off?

If we had the good fortune to lay our heads down each and every night in one of these Batmobile Beds from Pottery Barn for Kids, that’s exactly where our imaginations would go. Come on. Look at it. This bed inspired by the Caped Crusader’s legendary ride has a cool vintage glossy black finish with sweet silver details. Each one is crafted from rubberwood, an extra-strong solid poplar base, and medium-density fibreboard to the world’s highest safety standards. Not that eight-year-old would be impressed by this, but parents may be impressed to know that the Batmobile Bed’s slat roll foundation makes a box spring completely unnecessary and still guarantees a stable, comfortable night’s sleep for every Boy (or Girl) Wonder.

It’s probably for the best we would have to “settle” for a bed modeled after the Batmobile instead of the real thing. Some of us had serious bladder issues as kids, and Batman is the last guy we’d want to explain a certain smell to knowing he’s just spent his entire evening herding super-criminals back into Arkham.

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Gotham's Hero Needs To Sleep Too

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