This Batman Trading Card is Worth $3,500… And You’ll Never Guess What He’s Doing!

We all know that comic books can sometimes be worth a lot of money but in this case it’s a mere trading card featuring the caped crusader that’s worth a whopping $3,500.

The card was made in 1966 by Topps employees who never intended for it to be sold but which ended up being worth more than they could possibly have predicted.

So what’s Batman doing in this valuable card? Socking it to the Joker? Posing on top of a building somewhere? Throwing a baterang?

Nope… he’s on the Bat Throne! That’s Right! Can you just imagine what it smells like in there with all that Guano?

Batman Is Sitting On The Toilet Taking A Shit!!!

batman taking a shit

That’s right, this $3,500 Batman trading card features Bruce Wayne in full Batman get-up with his trousers down and toilet roll in hand, while he rests his chin in his other hand looking lost in thought. Makes sense, most of us get our best ideas on the toilet and he is the world’s greatest detective!

Chances are that the card was originally designed as nothing more than a joke, but seems someone didn’t get the memo!

Buying the set also lands the lucky owner three complete sets dating back to 1966. Only these ones are a little more typical in the action they depict!

Source – NerdApproved


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