Batman Logo Mirror Turns Your ManCave into a Batcave

It’s a hard knock life whether you’re kicking some butt in Gotham or throwing back some Brewskis in that outdated mancave of yours. Life’s too short for those crumbling posters and beer cans all over your floor. Get some swagger in that mancave with an icon of manliness and vigilante justice!This clean cut Batman Logo Mirror measures 70cm by 33cm and works great as a centerpiece to showcase your geekdom. Show your beer buds just how kickarse you are! Average Joe by day, beer-chugging vigilante by night!

If you’ve been a fan of the Caped Crusader since his first days in Detective Comics, his TV series in the 60’s, or you just love the Dark Knight movies, this logo mirror will turn your mancave’s frown upside down.


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