Batman Eclipse Light Makes Cowardly Beasts Cower Under The Bed

Let’s just admit it: at this juncture in the DC Universe, Batman is ostensibly God.

He is rivaled only by Superman as the comic label’s longest-running character and synonymous icon of the brand’s legacy. Along with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and the Flash, he is one of the foundational members of the legendary Justice League. He has been more frequently adapted to more combined media than any other comic figure in history except possibly Spider-Man and (you guessed it) Superman and (depending on whether we’re counting certain extremely early productions of either) only the blue Boy Scout has made as many big-screen feature appearances.

If someone has to create a mood in your home that’s unfriendly to a superstitious, cowardly lot – and, who knows, just might get the odd lovely and geeky lass a bit hot-and-bothered – let it be the Dark Knight with this Batman Eclipse Light. This 320mm-wide and 182mm-tall silhouette hearkens to the classic Bat-Signal with a detachable standing base. The soft, stylish mood light can also be cast with an equally cool wall-mount configuration, whichever most puts you in a Gotham State of Mind.

Top that, you Kryptonian pansy.

The Batman Eclipse Light is powered by an included 1.5m USB power cable.


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