Batman Chair Cape Takes Your Heroic Corporate Success To the Next Level

You’re the captain of corporate takeovers, the mediator of mergers, the baron of business endeavors. If you’re not saving your company’s butt with your suave skills of charisma then you’re showing your coworkers how people really get things done with your unbeatable skills. The next time you sit on that throne in your office, install a real sense of leadership with a chair that’s ready to back you up.

Entertainment Earth is bringing you the title of vigilante king with their Batman Classic Chair Cape. This 24-inch cape will hook around your favorite chair for an extension of that un-deflatable ego of yours. Also available at San Diego Comic-Con this year, don’t wait for this cape to escape your clutches.

Be a hero and take life by the balls like Batman would.

Source – FashionablyGeek

Batman Capes
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