BassAware Drop Wearable Audio Shoots Bass Straight Up Your Spine

There is no better place for a device that resembles the glaring “weak spot” of either a video game boss or a Sontaran foot soldier than a dance floor near you. Just remember to always face your opponent when “it’s on”, lest you get served/knocked with one swift knock to the bassAware Drop.

This strappy wearable audio device makes cocksure that, wherever the bass happens to drop, it goes “boom” straight up and down your spine – just as nature always intended. The small, lightweight, highly adjustable and comfortably portable battery-powered Drop totes a tactile transducer anywhere you go on your upper back. Link it up to a phone, audio player, laptop, tablet, game controller or any other audio source with which you’re wearing headphones and the audio driver sends vibrating sensations coursing through your body and into the inner ear. There, your lit-up nervous system translates “heard” sounds into an immersive experience of “felt” bass vibrations limited 100% to your body.

The low-profile unisex holster system looks fantastic and fits incredibly comfortably – albeit, perhaps a bit curious if not worn under a jacket or hoodie – on men and women of any body size, complete with two large additional pockets. For an extra-incredible experience, sync your home stereo, a club sound system or PA to the brand-new bassAware Boost Mic Mode to amplify any bass beats exploding around you.

Suddenly, anywhere you are can be exactly like sitting with your back to a live, thudding speaker – minus the permanent hearing loss.

With 36 days remaining in their Crowd Supply campaign as of Sept. 27, the innovators of bassAware Drop have managed to raised $1,755 of their $50,000 goal.

Source – CrowdSupply

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