Basketball Desk Tidy Brings Your Inner Stephen Curry To The Office

There’s sometimes just no beating the classics of desk decor. This Basketball Desk Tidy lets any pencil-pusher turn a cubicle into a playground half-court.

Wipe out written mistakes like Dikembe Mutumbo wiped out weak jumpshots in the paint with a three-pack of basketball erasers. Jot brief reminders on the dry-erase backboard with the included dry-wipe marker faster than Steve Kerr can draw ways for Stephen Curry to make Lebron James weep.

You know what? Let’s be honest. You know where this is headed. You’re already dying to empty out the pens and paperclips, roll your chair all the way back to the water cooler, and let those deep three-pointers fly like it’s the last seconds of Game 7.


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