Baseball Bottle Opener: Perfect For A Toast To Another Season Gone By

Baseball season has come and gone until April. Still, we’re fans that love to cling to every little reminder of America’s Pastime that we can until pitchers and catchers report in 2016. So, as we drink a toast to the 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals’ first World Series victory in 30 years, we’ll be snapping open an ice-cold boulevard with the BaseballOpener, a magnetic bottle-opener with just a touch of style.

Roy Hobbs, you’re not, but you won’t need your trusty homespun bat “Wonderboy” to break open a ripe to be re-fashioned. This genuine leather baseball has been cleanly split in half by the good craftsmen of BottleCraft in order to hollow out a section of its core and replace it with a concealed steel opener plate with some equally sturdy steel fasteners. The leather edges are then sanded smooth as a Ken Griffey Jr. swing for a clean fit when the attached magnets either pull it back together or serve to attach it to any metal surface from a refrigerator door to a tailgate. As luck would have it, those very magnets also cleanly nab the cap like a shallow flyball for your quick, clean disposal.

It’s a triple play home run, unless you’re on the bottom of your 9th beer, of course.

Baseball-Bottle-opener (1)Baseball-Bottle-opener (5)Baseball-Bottle-opener (3)Baseball-Bottle-opener (2)

Baseball Bottle Opener
Baseball Bottle Opener
9 Total Score
It's a Triple Play Home Run!

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