Barcode Alarm Demands Your Toothpaste Before It Will Shut Up

We can admit it: some mornings, it takes a little tough love to get us rolling out of our beds to patrol the Internet for the latest, greatest news and merchandise to gift-wrap for you.

Whoever concocted this iOS-powered Barcode Alarm Clock app for the Apple Store clearly had our lazy asses first and foremost in mind. This middle finger to your snooze button leaves you no choice but to rise and shine.

That’s because it won’t shut the frozen hell up until you scan your toothpaste’s barcade. You won’t get a moment’s peace until you either get out of bed with your phone to find the toothpaste or drown it in the day’s first pot of coffee. Trust us, a few grand over our year’s operating budget, we can confirm that it is far cheaper to just give it the damn barcode.

After that, hey, as long as you’re up, you might as well remain vertical and greet the day.

The beauty of it is, you can also reprogram the app so that you have to scan anything you choose. You’ll enter a unique barcode with your camera when you install the app, so make it anything from your favorite coffee or bodywash to a box of Reese’s Puffs.

Just make sure that, whatever you scan, you always have that barcode handy.

No iPhone? No problem. Android users may want to give the similar Morning Routine app a try.

Source – LifeHacker

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