Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 Is A Futuristic Tower Of Omnidirectional Audio Power

The music, games and movies you love are undeniably, uniquely and personally “you” from top to bottom. The audio vanguards at Bang & Olufsen gave that reality a moment’s thought and asked themselves, “Why shouldn’t the way you experience them be that distinctive?”

Suddenly, along comes the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 to introduce the form and function of audio engineering to a charmingly askew new dimension together.

No doubt about it, the Beolab 90 is a tower of power.Its 18 Scan-Speak speakers create an omnidirectional wave of sound that bathes an entire room in the audio of your choice, be it the cacophony of HALO 5’s galactic futuristic warfare or a sweet sea of Pink Floyd and MGMT. It just so happens, revolutionary Beam Width and Direction technology built right into the structure lets you customize this monolith both for striking modern appearance and to project the rich highs and lows in a single dedicated stream instead of a blast radius.


Source- Bang & Olufsen

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Audio never looked so good

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