Ball Engineer II Genesis Watches Use Micro Gas Tubes For Extreme Readability

For Gentlemen Who Live With Purpose

There are watches that tell the time, and then there is the Ball Engineer II Genesis Watch; this watch ‘measures’ the time, and it accomplishes this feat with style and elegance – a watch that distinguishes itself from the competition in many small ways that infuse class and character.

One of these small ways is a ‘big’ difference from how other watch brands create their glowing digits on the watch faces. How so? Unlike other watch brands that create digits for their watch faces using light-reactive dyes and/or paint, Ball Engineer II Genesis Watch fields micro-gas tubes that brightly light the face of the watch during the night hours.

The watch also has an anti-magnet shock absorber, which is designed to absorb intense physical impacts, such as in sports like soccer, skiing, polo and many other physical activities that take place in the lives of men with purpose.

It is during this 125th Anniversary that this amazing timepiece will be available at a special price, in honor of a watch done well. It’s a timepiece that catches the eye of those who know fine things – gentlemen who appreciate quality timepieces.

Ball-Enginee-II Genesis-Watch (4)Ball-Enginee-II Genesis-Watch (3)Ball-Enginee-II Genesis-Watch (2)

Source – TheAwesomer via Ball

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