Baker Miller Pink Hoodie Helps You Relax By Training Your Nervous System

It’s amazing some of the new products that are coming out today, founded on the most recent technologies, products such as the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie. It’s a hoodie like you’ve never seen, and looks futuristic-ly… very ‘cool’.

So, ‘cool’, it’s guaranteed to keep you very warm in all types of foul weather before, or during racing events, or any strenuous physical sport. Baker Miller Pink Hoodies are specially designed and crafted in a way to activate the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. What’s that, you ask?

Your body’s parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for control of rest and recovery, and by forcing the mind, along with the body, to rest; wearing this hoodie will help you recover from exhaustion faster than without it.

It has a total concealment hood, which has a mesh over the face that appears pink color when you look through it. The color is meant to lower heart rate, and you can see out through the mesh, but no one can see you making faces inside. Breathing is meant to be through the nose, and the positioning of the hands in the sling pockets is supposed to help you to relax and breathe slower, and deeper. And this promotes relaxation.

Also, included with the hoodie is an official Baker Miller soundtrack, listening to it while resting in the hoodie will help regulate your brainwaves, to further stimulate your mind and body to recover from exhaustion. If you’re always tired and exhausted, from outdoor or indoor fun or work, then this Baker Miller’s Pink Hoodie should help you bounce back faster into action.

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