Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair Where The Main Topping Is You

Have you ever been accused of being a couch potato? Don’t feel bad, you are not alone in enjoying the comforts of home, instead, why not accept the idea? Become one with the potato side of yourself and just lose the coach?

Escape the confines of your sofa and get comfy with the Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair. Not only is it specially designed for comfort, it is a definite conversation piece worthy of any room in the house.

Sewn and artfully dyed by hand, it looks just like a huge baked potato, complete with a soft satin butter pillow, the only topping ingredient missing is you. It measures 3 feet in length by 2 feet wide, and the Styrofoam beans and fiberfill polyester assures comfort on vital areas of your body.

And if baked potato isn’t your comfort food of choice, there are other food related items to satisfy your cravings for something a bit different.

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