Badass .308 Real Bullet Shot Glass Hits The Spot

Suppose for an instant that some douchebag elite assassin just ruined an evening of debaucherous drinking with your friends by firing a bullet down your hooch-hole the instant you shoot the last swallow of bourbon you’ll ever taste.

First off, sorry about your damn luck. We hope you at least shelled out for the good stuff. More importantly, this excellently handcrafted Shot USA glass captures that ultimate fraction of a heartbeat before a .308 round obliterates the barware and reduces your tongue to a fine pink mist. Accept no substitutes: that is indeed a live round indenting the glass and staring you down with each throat-scorching gulp. Every glass is individually hand-blown, making each item absolutely unique among badass beverage presentations.

Incidentally, that also means we cannot recommend toting the .308 Real Bullet Shot Glass anywhere that explicitly prohibits live ammunition. This would include airports, schools, and any government building. There is no gun powder or lead residue so it is 100% safe for use/drinking.

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Shoot! Who Doesn't Want a Shot That Won't Hurt....except maybe in the morning

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