Bad Lip Reading Captures First 2016 Presidential Debate Night Essence Of Trump And Clinton: Nonsensical Mouth Noises, Awkward Jibberish

Bad Lip Reading has, unsurprisingly, managed to crystalize the 2016 presidential election like few others could: we have to laugh because it’s better than crying.

If the second tilt between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton left you resigned that you might love your country but can’t exactly feel proud of it at all times, then “Debate Night!” might just be the take on the first face-to-face showdown to provide a balm for the patriotic soul. You know, dumbing the tete-a-tete between these two jackasses down to a childish game of “I Can Do This!” is a lot closer to the truth than all the scotch in the Highlands could make us forget it is.

We need to lay down. God bless America. We could use the help.

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