Bacon Tape Has Babe And Wilbur Running For the Hairs of Their Chinny, Chin, Chins

Bacon-wrapped pizza, Bacon-wrapped oreos, pie topped with a bacon crust. In a world where everything must simply be bacon wrapped, surely they must’ve thought of everything. Wrong! Sure, you can find a number of bacon-wrapped munchies anywhere, but how about something practical?

Archie McPhee’s turning a new hoof with their Bacon Tape. Bind your damaged Animal Farm poster with some much need sticky bacon or simply tape off your bacon crime scene. Either way, you’ll be creating your own ode to that savory pink meat. This tape gives you 100 feet of 3/4” wide tape and comes in your standard plastic dispenser for easy fixes for your normal tears. Show the world that your love of bacon will never end. Top off with bacon scented air fresheners and you’ll be in heaven.

Better hide Babe and Wilbur, because Bacon Tape’s got people fiending for some crispy piggy treats.

Bacon Tape Bacon Tape Bacon Tape Bacon Tape


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