Bacon Scented Erasers Are Like Meat Candy, Just Don’t Eat It

Pigs have been around for eons, but if you think the US consumes the most then you’re sadly mistaken. China’s culture is intertwined with the consumption of the pig, and this country alone eats nearly half of the world’s pigs per year, more than 7 times what it was in the 70’s. Don’t feel bad. China uses every part of the pig more weird than pigs feet. The face is considered a delicacy there and the brains are smooth like custard. Mmmmmm brain custard

Of course there are other ways to enjoy this animal without killing them. Ever heard of the Muppets? Well then you’ll appreciate the utility of an eraser with the seductive scent of bacon instilled in it.  You’ll be making mistakes in class every chance you get so you can release the sweet, sweet smell of the bacon meat into the air. Though you may freak your fellow students out for sniffing your erasers like a madman, at least you’re not killing anybody. Just don’t do it too close to lunch time otherwise those same students are likely to eat your erasers.

Bacon Scented Erasers 2

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  1. “Bacon you can’t eat, is bacon you don’t need.” @tacobell

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