Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill Improves On Nature’s Perfect Food With Pristine Crunch, Minimal Mess

A single flawlessly crisp strip of bacon proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we inhabit a benevolent universe which cherishes humankind’s happiness. That heartwarming bacon flavor often comes at the cost of drenching our stove in a splattering, drippy coat of grease and no guarantee we even end up with just the crumbly texture we want. Well, pork-pals and patrons of poultry, Nostalgia has arrived to shift the bar for perfectly prepared bacon.

Let no pig or turkey’s life given in the name of unmatched deliciousness be lost for anything less than the most satisfying of tastes. The Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill made by the fine folks at Nostalgia cooks up to six strips of regular or thick-cut bacon to a life-affirming delectable crunchiness of your liking in mere minutes.

Start by setting the illuminated dial for the desired consistency of your mana carved from Babe’s backside. After you arrange your strips along the removable non-stick cooking plate, feel free to open the doors to witness the cooking process yourself, thanks to convenient cool-touch handles. The slide-out drip tray collects grease for fast, easy disposal at your leisure and the removable insulated interior door liners are designed for equally quick, no-fuss cleanup.

What’s that you say? “Could it be? No flipping needed?”

No-flipping-kidding. It’s a faster, healthier way to enjoy a picture-perfect breakfast treat just the way you love it, every morning.

This just may be the greatest thing to happen to bacon since lettuce and tomato.

8.5 Total Score
Mmmmm Bacon. What more do you need to know?

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