Bacon and Eggs Inflatable Pool Floats Bring Breakfast-Time To A Sizzlin Hot Summer

Who doesn’t like bacon and eggs? Actually, many people love bacon and eggs so much that they eat it all the time. Well, there are other things people like to do too, such as swimming, but, what would happen if you combined the two? It’s obvious, you would get these Bacon and Eggs Inflatable Pool Floats!

Actually, whether you like your eggs sunny side up, or not, the shape of these fried egg pool floats are perfect for pool side fun. Not to mention, the shape of the inflatable slice of bacon – which is 7 feet long, is also ideal for those you want to ‘bake’ under the sun while floating on the water.

Each of these non-edible inflatable floats are made of heavy-duty .25mm vinyl, and can handle all the pool play by those who are hungry for fun.

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