Bacon Deluxe Air Freshener Tames Pork-Obsessed Minds Nationwide

Mmmmmm Bacon. Are you a pork aficionado? Can’t get the taste of your favorite pink swine out of your carnivorous mind? Tired of counting pigs to get sleep? Tame your ravenous conscious with a Bacon Deluxe Air Freshener.

This unorthodox bacon air freshener will curb your insatiable hunger for pork with the intoxicating scent of sizzling bacon. No longer will you have to swerve down the street like a madman chasing the scent of pork barbeque. Keep that gas guzzler infused with the compelling power of bacon or remind that family of yours that pork is the ONLY breakfast by letting the scent fill your kitchen.

Bacon withdrawals affect hundreds, maybe thousands a day. Only you can prevent those dreaded bacon withdrawals with a constant reminder of your love of everything pork.

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