BackYard Dice Give Roleplaying Life-Sized Proportion

Imagination is a terrible thing to waste, and if you’ve burnt yourself out on Dungeons and Dragons or other means of roleplaying with your buddies, then you may be in need of something fresh. D&D has been around since the 70’s, so take that outdated game board outside for some much-needed fun.Etsy Shop Owner Julie in Michigan created Backyard Dice, a collection of life-sized dice that’ll give your roleplaying adventures a fresh outlook. These large wooden die are handmade and made to order. They’ve even been featured in large publications, so get em’ now before them become a commodity.

Your roleplaying weapons are larger than life, so why not get the dice to go with it? Show that dragon you’ve got some cahones.

Source – Etsy

Large Wooden Dice 1 Large Wooden Dice 2 Large Wooden Dice 4 Large Wooden Dice 5
Large Wooden Dice
Large Wooden Dice
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