Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank Ecosystem Grows Food You Can Eat

Nothing is better than nature, especially when it comes to growing food. While some folks enjoy gardening, going outside and working in the dirt isn’t their cup-of-tea. Now, you can easily enjoy small time gardening ‘indoors’, without the need to go outside on your hands and knees tending to your plants.

Back to the Roots Water Garden lets you grow plants indoors using a water tank that doubles as a fish tank, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! And, the combination of fish tank and garden works surprising well, because the water is cleaned by the plants’ roots and the fish feed the plants.

This clever little closed-loop ecosystem is a small sample of how nature works, and the starter kit comes complete with everything you need, such as organic seeds, natural fertilizer, fish food and even a coupon for a Betta fish to get you started. It is a great gift idea for people of all ages, especially for children and those who are interested in learning how ecosystems work in action.


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