Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Light Up Keychain Is A Mini Time Machine In Your Pocket

Any fan of the movie ‘Back to the Future’ would love to go back to the past – 1985, when the movie was released and grab some memorabilia from that time, and then bring it into the future, now.

Well, it is possible to bring a little piece of the past, back to the future, now, with Doc Brown’s futuristic flux capacitor. This replicated piece of futuristic, past technology lights up, and has been carefully mounted onto a key chain for ease of use, ready to be inserted into a time-traveling DeLorean, if you can find one?

It is definitely worth the ‘time’ it takes to order one, as this is official merchandise of the movie franchise. The flux capacitor does run on electricity, so, no plutonium is necessary to get it to light up, simply activate the time-travel mode by pressing the on/off button on the side.


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