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Babymop Cleans As Your Baby Crawls Covering Them With Filth

“Son, you’re old enough to turn over and crawl. That means you’re old enough to start earning your keep around here.”

Ever hear that old saying, ” This house won’t clean itself?” Well, it’s true. That’s why you have children. You just tell them that when you’re convinced you could eat off your kitchen floors, you’ll fork over the Wi-Fi password and PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controllers and release the dog from the custody of the local Chinese buffet.

But what do you do in the early days when bargaining chips are scarce? Here, have a Babymop.

If we have to explain exactly what this product does AFTER you’ve read the name, you just may be humanity’s least ideal breeding specimen. Dress your baby in this clever little Size 80 (8-12 months) oneside tailored to fit all crawling toddlers, and the comfortable stretch materials and velour fabric keeps your kiddo comfortable as its crawling does a number on the floor’s errant dirt and debris.

This handmade 100% cotton product is available only in gender-neutral red and ships with a user manual in a transparent bag. It’s ready to wear when your baby is ready to clean.

Think we can get a companion mop handle that clips onto the back of a diaper?



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$38.95 Buy Here
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