Baby Shusher Soothes Babies To Sleep Using Rhythmic Shushing. Sleep Deprived Parents Rejoice!

Any parent will tell you it is not easy trying to quiet a crying baby, especially when it is time for them to sleep. In fact, until now, any parent, grandmother, or babysitter would give anything to be able to hush a baby when they are in ‘cry-mode’!

Thanks to some really smart people, no doubt motivated to quite the shriek of a crying baby, have invented a device effective at stopping babies from crying. It’s called the Baby Shusher – a revolutionary device that uses proven anti-crying baby technologies to safely hush babies to sleep.

No parent should be left without the Baby Shusher, it uses time-tested, rhythmic noises to relax and hush babies to sleep. Simple, yes, and, it works like a charm! It has a 15-minutes and 30-minute timer option, a built-in sound sensor, and a volume control.

If you know someone who could use a little extra sleep at night, and you want to help, then the Baby Shusher is the perfect gift idea.

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Quickly soothes a fussy baby to sleep

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