B-Unstoppable Tank Quadcopter Is The Juggernaut Of Drones

Helicopters, Quadcopters, you’ve seen em’ all, right? Well, maybe not. Creative minds are thinking outside the box to switch up your flying experience even more than before imagined and with a name like B Unstoppable one can only think it’s something awesome. What’s in a name? Well a lot apparently.B Unstoppable is a tour de force hybrid between a tank and a quadcopter. This means this baby can double up for both ground and air travel. Tired of flying around and getting a neck cramp? Put that baby on back on ground level. Terrain too rough to navigate? Switch back til conditions get better. An upgraded version of this device can even beam back pictures as you fly.

Forget restrictions. B Unstoppable.

B-Unstoppable Tank Quadcopter Drone 1 B-Unstoppable Tank Quadcopter Drone 2 B-Unstoppable Tank Quadcopter Drone 3 B-Unstoppable Tank Quadcopter Drone 4
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