Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider Motorcycle Watch Is Born To Be Wild

Aside from being a couple timeless symbols of bold style, there’s an even more fascinating common ground occupied by a precision-tuned watch and a well-designed motorcycle: both benchmark achievements in fitting finely crafted machinery that’s built to last into compact packages.

Knowing that, it’s fitting that Biel, Switzerland indie watchmakers Azimuth envisioned a tribute to both in the form of the SP-1 Crazy Rider, an affordably priced out-there concept watch with a case, modules and even base movements inspired by classic bikes with a name that winks at Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda’s counter-culture classic biker movie, EASY RIDER.

The 55mm-wide case’s curious infinity loop sets the SP-1 Crazy Rider apart immediately for its intended resemblance to a motorcycle engine, pairing with the exposed screws of the bezel to frame a chain mounted on two wheels at the dial’s center to control the hour and minute displays with the illusion of a bike’s sprocket brake drive system.

The chain propels the hour hand around the inner circumference’s astonishingly cool 24-hour track marked with retro red and yellow accents. Since the direct ratio prevents the minute hand from completing its rotations in time with the hour hand, it instead rotates on a fixed internal pinion that can keep pace.

On the flip side, the rear display exhibiting the modified ETA movement is fashioned after an engine block to deepen the theme’s aesthetic adherence. The Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider is fitted to a contrast-stitched leather strap for a sporty hint at a Harley Davidson seat with either a black or brown PVD mid-case element. This incredible timepiece is also at least as tough as your faithful Sportster with a 30-meter water resistance.


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