Axon Body 2 Cameras Helps Police “Protect And Serve” With HD Video Evidence

The next big craze is personal body cameras; the idea was born from many sources and for many needs, such as videoing the police, unexpected situations and sports events from a first person perspective as naturally as it happens. Body cams such as the Axon Body 2 are empowering everyday people with the ability to video on the go, anytime; something that police officers desperately need.

The best thing about this body cam from Axon is that it eliminates the storage problem that has plagued body cams. The Body 2 cam offers ‘unlimited’ storage solution, something that is unprecedented, until now. Body-worn cameras are nothing new, military personal wear them during combat duty, police wear them on the job, and extreme sports enthusiasts show the world what riding, diving, jumping, climbing and falling looks like from a first person perspective; and the world is thrilled!

Body cams are showing up more and more, in police departments everywhere, and Axon Body 2 is delivering the best product for this new market. Connected directly to the cloud, wearable video technology like the Body Cam 2 now allows uninterrupted video recording with a single compact unit that now captures HD video, via Retina HD video.

Some of the impressive features of this compact body-worn cam include 12+ hours of battery life, it is wirelessly activated by an Axon signal, markers and comments can be added into sections of the video for reference, its shock resistant and the video is encrypted to protect data once captured. Ideally created for police departments, there is no limit to its use.

Police departments that have used it have seen considerable drops in public complaints and allegations of excessive force used by officers. From the moment of capture to the courtroom, Axon worn-cameras help police officers to do their jobs, to ‘protect and serve’ their communities. And, now they have the tool to prove it.

  • Retina HD Video: The industry’s best low-light video now records in HD.
  • Full-Shift Battery: 12+ hours
  • Pre-Event Buffer: Capture up to 2 minutes before an event.
  • Wireless Activation: Axon Signal turns the camera on with lightbar and other sensor activation.
  • Mobile App: Stream, tag, and replay videos right on your phone with Axon View.
  • Optional Mute: Ability to disable audio in the field to support dual party consent.
  • In-Field Tagging: Officers can add a marker to important points in their video.
  • Unmatched Durability: Built to withstand extreme weather and brutal conditions.
  • Dock and Walk Workflow: Evidence uploads automatically while recharging.
  • Advanced Security: Evidence is encrypted on the camera to protect data at all times.
  • RapidLock Mounts: Versatile mounts keep the camera steady during tough situations.


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Axon 2 Body Camera
Axon 2 Body Camera
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