Avitron RC Flying Bird Migrates to Your Neighborhood

We’ve spent weeks soothing our pets and assuring them the durable and lightweight Avitron Remote Control Bionic Flying Bird could never replace them.

Of course it couldn’t. We didn’t buy the Bionic Bird to replace them. Silly fur-babies. We bought it because when the asshole cat horde dupes the easily led, overly trusting canine barbarians into overthrowing the bipedal oppressors, we’re going to need air support to put down the rebellion.

It’s one thing to control an ordinary drone by swiping and tapping a touch-screen device. It’s wholly another to turn the Bionic Bird loose on the friendly skies with a wave of a hand, thanks to the Flying App available through both the Google Play and Apple App stores. Once it takes to the air, the patented miniaturized mechanics within the remarkably feathery elastic foam body handle smoothly on shock-absorbent flexible wings. The included portable egg’s magnetic contact fully charges the Bionic Bird in under 12 minutes up to a maximum of 10 full charges.

In turn, each full charge supports up to 12 flights lasting up to eight minutes each. Soar outdoors or in the comfort of your living room with a maximum 100-meter range.

The egg charger and USB cord are included with each order, along with a set of spare wings, bag of balancing aluminum tape pieces to adjust their weight, bionic bird, and brush. The app requires the Android 4.3 or above with Bluetooth 4 or iPhone 4S and up running iOS8 and up, but is not recommended for iPad use.

With all the RC stuff out there these days, there’s nothing but options for any aviation-minded individual, but since when were robotic machines the best way to fly? Animals were here first. If you’ve tried RC Spiders, Bats, or Pterodactyls, keep that avian influence going with a newer model that still has some life in it.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…No wait, it really is a bird, isn’t it? A French company made a flying RC bird they call Avitron. This RC device charges quickly in just 12 minutes and has an 8-minute flight time. You can also adjust the speed settings whether you’re in the mood to be lackadaisical or dart around terrifying your neighbors. What better way to spend your summer than invoking terror on your block?

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