Autonomous Sentry Drones Will Monitor Your Home 24/7

Home security has always been a concern, that is why security and alarm companies have tried over the years to create a better ‘mouse trap’, with security systems that are not very good at keeping people as safe as they can be.

Sunflower Home Awareness System changes that – not knowing who, what or why an alarm sensor has gone off. Not surprising, 95% of calls to police departments are false alarms, the main reason for this is that people can’t see what is happening outside, until now.

The Sunflower security system utilizes the latest remote aerial technology, motion sensors, WiFi, and live streaming video, and messes these together to eliminate any doubt, who, what, or why an outside sensor was triggered.

When a sensor is triggered, the autonomous quadcopter navigates above your home and over the area of interest while streaming live video, thus removing any doubt if there is an intruder, or just a neighborhood dog in your yard.

If you want ‘real’ peace of mind, then Sunflower Home Security System will deliver real security monitoring of your home.




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