Automatic Pro Monitors Your Car In Real-Time & Uses IFTTT To Connect Your Devices

Once a 24/7 vehicle monitoring service has saved your life after an accident, you rarely question whether you’ve gotten your money’s worth from all those monthly fees. Automatic Pro just happens to take on-call instant emergency response a step further by cutting out the recurring costs entirely and providing the only connected car adapter that includes five years of unlimited 3G subscription coverage for a single one-time cost.

The Automatic Pro’s $129.95 cost includes free iPhone, Android and web apps along with instant Crash Alert service and support for IFTTT and other apps designed to coordinate multiple devices and social networks. Its integrated connectivity allows your adaptor to access your Hue lights, manage a Nest smart thermostat, access a Google Sheet to log your trip, and even find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot or help you keep tabs on it via the proprietary apps when you leave it in the hands of an impetuous young driver.

However, its most valuable function keeps an eye on something far more precious: the safety of everyone riding with you. It takes a minute or less for an Automatic Pro representative to contact you when the device alerts on-call responders to an accident. You’ll receive an instant text alert including the phone number of the agent prepared to check in with you. Once someone has made contact, the same representative can then even touch base with your loved ones to update them on your situation.

Automatic Pro connects to your car’s on-board computer by way of the standard OBD-II diagnostics port found under the dashboard of most cars manufactured after 1996. It then opens up a continuous secure 3G connection to the cloud for ongoing data transmission anytime and anywhere. From there, its automatic app gallery allows you to expense work-related mileage in real time, evaluate your car’s immediate driving and performance metrics, or connect to any other digital aspect of your life you could choose.

Please be advised, Automatic Pro is not compatible with electric vehicles. It supports Apple iPhones 5 and up running iOS9 or newer and most Android 5.0 phones and above. It does not support BLU and Alcatel One Touch Fierce phones.





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Log your trips to a Google Sheet, automagically turn on your Hue lights, set your Nest thermostat to away when you leave home, and more.

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