Automatic Hose Reel Retracts In 30 Seconds

You’re an ambassador of evergreen, the duke of dung fertilizer, the Gurkhan of grass. Everyone loves the mastery you exhibit of your lawn, so why are you still using that decades-old hose that’s detracting from the allure that is your summer paradise?

Avoid unnecessary manual labor bending and fighting that old relic with some much-needed ease. Gardena is maintaining your fancy title with an automatic hose reel that’ll lessen the time you’re out in the sun and maximize your time getting fanned by your servants.

This 115’ hose is fully retractable in 30 seconds with its built-in motor and can swivel 180 degrees if needed. Mount this baby up on the outer wall of your palace and relax. You’re a garden pimp, so stop trippin’ on your hose.

Automatic Hose Reel 1 Automatic Hose Reel 2 Automatic Hose Reel 4 Automatic Hose Reel 5

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