August Doorbell Cam Lets You Know Who’s There From Anywhere

Knock, knock, whose there? You don’t know if you don’t have the August Doorbell Cam. Unlike security cameras of yesteryear that needed physical wiring connected to a security monitor to see who was at your front door or gate, now you know just looking at your smartphone.

Knock, knock, whose there? Wait a sec, get out your smart phone, iPad or other similar device and have a look at who is at your front door. You don’t even have to be at home to see whose standing at your gate or front door. Really? Yes, really.

When you get the August Doorbell Cam, you also get an alert every time someone steps up to the plate – your door mat. Heck, you can even talk to the person at the door, if you wanted. Tell them you’re in the shower, or you’re too busy to come out, if you want. But, you could be miles away for all they know. This is a definite must have item for anyone who needs to ‘at’ home, or not?

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Finally, a better way to avoid the Jehovah witnesses

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