Audi E-Bike is One Sweet Electric Bike With An App

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re going to get a push bike then don’t settle for some unknown brand or anything that doesn’t have a powerful electric motor. Instead, look for something made by a big-name car manufacturer that looks like it comes from the future. That’s how to roll with style.

Audi E-Bike Phone App

Audi have revealed their E-bike which is a sleek looking silver bike capable of some seriously high performance. The motor is 2.3Kw (which is impressive) and has three driving modes allowing for full auto, hybrid or human powered. This means you can look like you’re exercising without actually burning a single calorie. Which is the dream. Seriously though, a little motorized help definitely helps up those big hills – especially if you prefer not attending meetings dripping in sweat.

Audi E-Bike Closeup

Of course, what with this being a serious bit of kit® you also get all sorts of other bells and whistles. Those include a built-in touchscreen computer which syncs up with a smartphone app and some cool LED warning lights that make you look like a UFO when you’re speeding around in the dark.

Audi E-Bike Pedal

This is probably the coolest looking bicycle you’re going to get until Ferrari or Aston Martin decide to make one…

Audi E-Bike Picture

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