Astronaut at Ease Lighted Sculpture Lights The Sky With Dreams

Art – anything that appeals to a person’s inner desire, likes or interests, and there are many kinds of art, like paintings, drawings, craft based, but sculptures draw people in more than most other kinds of art work, especially sculptures of humans.

Here is an out of this world sculpture that begs the imagination to turn towards the heavens – outer space, an Astronaut at Ease Lighted Sculpture. Yes, it is a sculpture of an astronaut, which is already awesome to look, but it’s more than just a handsome looking spaceman.

This sculpture’s helmet/head is the light, and when it is illuminated, the astronaut takes on a godlike or angelic appearance. This is definitely a gift item for those with their heads in the clouds, such as an astronomy student, teacher, and children’s bedrooms, or for anyone who loves American space history.

Cast in resin, and hand painted to match the U.S. flag; it evokes the imagination of the onlooker to consider the early explorers from the 20th century, brave men who risk their lives to travel to the moon. Basically, to go where no man had gone before – space, the final frontier, 15-watt bulb and rocket not included.Astronaut-at-Ease-Lighted-Sculpture-4Astronaut-at-Ease-Lighted-Sculpture-6



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