Astronaut Duvet Cover Gives Your Space Cadet Dreams Of Flying With The Stars

Space, it is the finale frontier, staring at it with piercing eyes evokes boundless curiosity that stirs the desire to travel beyond the stars, off this world, to experience the unknown. Just about every child has imagined at some time traveling to the moon or distant the stars on top a rocket ship, as an astronaut, haven’t you?

Whether you are a big kid with a youthful dream to travel to the stars, or a school aged child with ‘real’ hopes of one day reaching space as an astronaut, then this specially design astronaut bedding, made in conjunction with the Dutch Space Expo Museum, will help to fuel your child’s dreams of traveling to the stars.

The astronaut bedding is also a fun way to take selfies, and will surely get you many likes on social media like Facebook and Twitter, because of the high-resolution print, the astronaut space suit looks very real. You can easily see the oxygen inlets and outlets, along with gauges on the space suit; it makes whoever you tuck into bed at night look like a ‘real’ astronaut.

Astronaut Duvet Cover (4)Astronaut Duvet Cover (1)Astronaut Duvet Cover (5)Astronaut Duvet Cover (2)


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