Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition: Own The Ride 007 Keeps Destroying

We’re just throwing this out right here and right now, because we know you’ll understand: neither you nor anything you ever drive – hell, not even anything that ever cuts you off during morning rush-hour traffic – will ever wander into the same universe of cool as the Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition.

Yes. We mean THAT Bond. James Bond.

Allow us to paint you a picture. Those blessed enough by many a benevolent god to purchase the merely 150 exceptionally rare DB9 GTs modeled on the 10 DB10 sports cars Aston Martin built uniquely for 007 to cherish (and ultimately destroy) in the upcoming Bond thriller SPECTRE this holiday season get much more than a spectacularly smooth “Spectre Silver”(yes, that’s a color) suit and door-sill plates bearing the legendary Bond 007/gun insignia.

No, this godlike $237,007 (yep, we see what you did there) automobile includes some phenomenal finery with Aston Martin’s warmest regards, the closest any mortal man or woman will ever come to being Bond: Globe Trotter luggage and a Bond limited-edition Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch regularly retail priced at around $7,350.

It’s truly a shame the DB9 GT Bond Edition is an auto so fine, anyone would feel understandably uneasy unleashing it upon an unsuspecting open road. It rides on 20-inch wheels painted black with diamond-turned accents, which are paired with grey-painted brake calipers. It also has an engine as smooth and mean as the aluminum hood and fender vents and matching carbon-fiber splitter and diffuser, a purring 540-hp V-12.

Now, think on all that, then add this: these are pretty close, faithful recreations of what the British government keeps buying Bond knowing full-well it will end in twisted, torched metal and broken glass. James….you make it easy to hate you sometimes.

Source – Car & Driver

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