Ash vs. Evil Dead Hits Starz This Fall For Boomstick Badassery

The 80’s were…a special time. Yes, let’s just say that. It brought on plenty of bad fads, from ridiculously giant hair to stupid hair bows to parachute pants. We’re lucky we survived those travesties, but the 80’s also brought us The Evil Dead, and it looks like viewers may be getting a blast from the past relatively soon.

Bruce Campbell plans to hit the airwaves on Starz this fall in his series Ash vs. Evil Dead. This 10-episode debuting season takes place about 30 years after the events of the Army of Darkness. Ash failed to save the world and has to live with his own failure, but when a new uprising of evil dead plague the world, he has to take up arms once again, or should we say arm?

via – EW

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