Artist Draws Monsters Into Everyday Photos To Make Life More Exciting & Surreal

OK, Tail Jar. Well-done. With the injection of a little magic demonstrating the creative imaging capabilities of the newly released iPad Pro and its premiering Apple Pencil stylus, you mashed up ordinary photos and transformed everyday reality into something between that trippy Rob Zombie-directed sequence from “Beavis And Butt-Head Do America” and the Island of Misfit “Borderlands” Concept Art. Repeat once a day throughout the month of March, upload to Instagram, and we have an album made for Mescaline Mondays before we pick the kids up from daycare.

You needed a tablet. Try some of the “Special Drink” toilet wine that Duane from Accounting brews in our very own Men’s Room and tell us you don’t see some things that REALLY turn you white.

Instagram-Artist-Drawings (2)003_Hungry_1-570874da99caf__880Instagram-Artist-Drawings (3)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (4)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (5)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (6)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (7)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (8)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (9)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (10)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (11)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (12)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (13)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (14)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (15)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (16)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (17)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (18)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (19)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (20)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (21)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (22)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (23)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (24)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (25)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (26)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (27)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (28)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (29)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (30)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (31)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (32)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (33)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (34)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (35)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (36)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (37)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (38)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (39)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (40)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (41)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (42)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (43)Instagram-Artist-Drawings (1)Source – Instagram

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