Artist Alex Solis’ Collection Inkteraction Gives The Regular Show Some Serious Competition

Looking for the next great comic-style artist? Wanting those drawings and sketches to jump off the page? Ask and ye shall receive. And artist Alex Solis is literally making art that hops off the paper.

In a stunning collection he calls Inkteraction, Solis’ immerses his own hands into his drawings for an awesome violent effect. Watch as he slices through his own rendition of flesh-eating zombie, pulls faces off, and punches his way through self-made opponents.

His collection is resemblant of the cartoon show The Regular Show and is bound to make you want to watch Mordecai, Rigby, and your other favorite characters take a beating from this awesome artist. If you’re looking for some comical realness with a little bit of whoopass, you’ve come to the right place.

Source – Alex Solis

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