Artisan Dry Aging Beef Kit Will Craft Your Meat Into A Five-Star Restaurant Treat

Fine meat isn’t so much a food as an artistic medium. When paired with any home refrigerator, the UMAi Dry Artisan Dry Aged Steak Starter Kit is the quintessential National Restaurant Association award-winning revelation that you’ve never known unconditional carnivorous love until you’ve savored the succulent science of dry-aged beef.

Standard dry aging ordinarily takes in an open-air environment that yields superlatively flavorful and tender beef at the unfortunte cost of pungent odors, mold and messes that don’t lend well to home preparation. Thousands of customers have adopted the UMAi Dry over the past six years to easily and safely dry-age superb cuts of beef with the revolutionary vacuum sealer and an assortment of breathable-membrane bags sized especially for boneless ribeye, striploin (NY strip) and smaller roasts. The kit also comes with fridge- or freezer-ready vacuum storage bags for preservation and a set of specialized vacuum sealer adapters to maximize the UMAi Dry’s versatility.

Suddenly, thanks to the UMAi Dry, your fridge is the ideal dry-aging environment to cultivate an exemplary gourmet tasting experience at a fraction the cost found only in the world’s most revered dining establishments.



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