Artiphon Music Instrument Adapts Itself To Be Played As A Guitar, Piano, Drums, Violin & More

There is some new tech in town – the multi-instrument known as Artiphone’s Instrument 1, and it is amazing, to say the least. It has been a work in progress, but now it’s reached the Kickstarter stage and has already exceeded its funding goals, as it’s ability to mimic the sounds of other instruments such as the guitar, piano, violin, bass and drum machine is in huge demand by professional musicians and beginners alike.

The ability of this multi-music making instrument to effortlessly transition between different instrumental sounds, and its accommodating design makes this an indispensable tool for music creation. It is made up of a force sensitive fretboard with a digital interface that you interact with like strings of a guitar, and you can lay it across your lap and use the frets as piano keys.

There is a bundle of popular musical software it is compatible with that allows you to create custom instruments that produce the sound you want, and even how it reacts to pressure sensitivity of touch. There is a lot going on with this version of Artiphon’s Instrument 1, and as you look over the specs, you will surely discover a desire to create your own musical master pieces.

Artiphon Instrument (2)Artiphon Instrument (3)Artiphon Instrument (3a)ArtiphonArtiphon Instrument (1)Artiphon Instrument (1a)

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