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Artillery Throne Is The Bomb When You Just Have To Sit On Things That Kill

It occurs to us that this is the second time in as many months that we’ve highlighted a groundbreaking moment in bringing the magical gift of murder home to your living room. We aren’t sure whether these accoutrements of twisted steel and deadly appeal are odes to modern warfare, optimistic suggestions for how to empty an armory after achieving world peace in our time, or a giant screaming denial of hilarious male inadequacy. However, we do acknowledge that, once mankind had crafted thrones sculpted from swords and guns, The Artillery Throne was the one and only next logical chapter.

Several hundred hours. Two genuine 175mm projectiles per piece originating between the Korean War and the 1990’s surrounded by countless comparatively smaller shell casings. That’s what it takes to bring this phenomenal furniture from the mind of Lucky Shot owner Doug Ingalls to life at Orlando, Fla.’s McCarthy Fabrication – not to mention, the most logical explanation why only 12 of these magnificent military seats will be made and sold to a dozen fortunate aficionados of armaments at US$24,750.00 each.

Should you number among the lucky folk whose living room The Artillery Throne will grace with its presence, know that every projectile and shell that soaks up your back-sweat for 16 hours while you play “Call of Duty” was fired from an actual ground cannon, tank, navy destroyer or vehicle-mounted recoilless rifle in one of these legendary calibers (listed from smallest up to largest):

  • 105 mm Howitzer
  • 106mm Recoilless Rifle
  • 120mm Abrams Tank
  • 90mm Artillery
  • 5″ Navy Shells
  • 175mm Cannon Projectiles

The skeleton beneath these expended shells and projectiles is hand-aged by a contracted Disney artist while an experienced wood craftsman individually turns the twin rear projectiles. Meanwhile, the artillery goes through a process of meticulously stripping, hand-refinishing and clear powder-coating every shell casing and front projectile. Finally, a nearly one-year process from concept to completed creation comes to fruition with the addition of a 50 BMG belt across the base and brilliant LED under lighting.

In the end, each Artillery Throne weights around 700 pounds and measures seven feet tall by five feet wide and 4.5 feet deep.

The Artillery Throne arrives individually signed and numbered by the artist.


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Game Of Thrones Throne For the 21st Century

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