Arrow Smart-Kart Lets Parents Control The Speed And Area Of Play

It is getting harder and harder, to get kids to ‘want’ to go outside and play. Because of technology such as computer games, smartphones and mobile devices, many children don’t get the exercise they need. Basically, kids don’t go outside anymore, and they should. Well, now you can give them a reason to race outside and play – the Arrow Smart-Kart go-cart.

This isn’t a pedal powered go-cart, and it isn’t a downhill racer, the Arrow has a programmable electric motor that can go as fast as ‘you’ program it to. Using an app, you can set the speed limit for your kids, based on their skills at driving and their age.

One of the best things about the Arrow Smart-Kart is that you can also limit its range, using GPS geo-fence. If you want them to only go to the end of the street, then you set the boundaries, and when they drive to the edge of the boundary you’ve set, the Arrow will cease to function. It’s a wonderful invention to get kids out of the house, and gives power to the parents to supervise their play, without being there the whole time.


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Go Speed Racer Go! (Where Mommy Lets You)

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