Arccos 360 Golf Stat-Tracking System Will Make You A Better Golfer

What golfer isn’t concerned about their stats? The answer is simple, none. Golfers are always seeking ways to collect and use data to improve their game. That is why there are so many golfing devices that use existing technology to cater to the golfers’ demands.

Arccos – an established brand that provides stat-tracking systems for golfers has just announced the release of the company’s next generation device, Arccos 360. The new stat-tracking system screws firmly into the butt end of the club grip and is smaller, lighter, and less intrusive than the previous model.

Unlike similar devices that use Bluetooth technology to connected with the user’s app, the Arccos 360 utilizes high frequency transmissions, this reduces false positives and provides more accurate results. The device is also equipped with GPS 2.0 technology, and information on over 40,000 courses internationally.

If you want to track the five key components of your golf game, driving, the approach, chipping, the sand game, and putting accuracy, then the Arccos 360 is a must have golfing aid.

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