Arcade Belt Buckle Is Retro Coin-Op Couture

Hey, let’s get clear from the get-go, OK? Yes, this Arcade Belt Buckle is a bona fide honorarium to every quarter we pumped into STREET FIGHTER II: SUPER PREMIUM UNLEADED TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS EDITION at Chuck E. Cheese’s, Barney’s Bowl-A-Rama, and Freddy Fazbear’s as a kid.

Yes, it is made from genuine Wells Gardener/Coin Controls arcade parts that actually light up.

Yes, we know that we look like gaming gods and goddesses when it graces our waistlines.

That being said…

If ARCADE GAMER FUBUKI taught us nothing else – or rather, our unfortunately too-literal fondness for “Panty Power” – it’s that accessories sometimes simply are what they are. With that in mind, we would like to ask gentlemen and ladies everywhere to quit trying to enthusiastically jam quarters into our midsections.

Relatedly, should you insist on doing cramming change into our pants anyway, please refrain from frustratedly punching and kicking our nethers while screaming, “DAMN THING ATE MY QUARTERS!”


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