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ArcaBoard Hoverboard Is Close & Absurd At $20,000

We at Unique Hunters hereby extend our congratulations to the visionary minds at Arca Space for not just one, but two noteworthy contemporary achievements: one, the recently revealed ArcaBoard thus far displays no tendencies to explode at will; second, and unquestionably more importantly, you fine folks actually seem to understand what “hover” means.

Set to ship circa April 2016, the ArcaBoard’s high-powered array of 36 parallel arranged, battery-operated ducted fans actually suspends its rider off the ground with 430 pounds of maximum thrust, equal to 272 horsepower.

Before anyone gets too excited, this trailblazing mode of personal transportation isn’t without its early limitations. See that center port between the two rows of fans running lengthwise down the bottom of the board? That’s the battery module keeping this roughly pillow-sized device aloft. Unfortunately, while it may look big enough to sustain hovering for a good while, it sustains only six minutes of air time after fully charging in under 35 minutes on the sold-separately ArcaDock.

Once the 36 fans kick in, the ArcaBoard sustains a maximum one foot of airborne height. Reportedly, once propelled forward, it can also kick up to a top speed around 12 mph. We say “reportedly” because nothing in the sample video clearly indicates how one would control its movement.

OK, we’ll also admit that this is a lot to take essentially on faith for $19,900 plus $4,500 for the ArcaDock. However, look at this our way: the next closest thing to a hoverboard temporarily lending the gift of flight would be a wheeled “hoverboard” explosion sending you leaping off the flaming practical joke beneath your feet and into frightened onlookers that already thought you looked like a tool.

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