Apple’s iPad Pro Boasts The Lightest Hardware And Most Packed Software Yet

It’s a big, big world out there, and Apple’s Tim Cook has concluded that we’re all just going to need bigger iPads. Enter the newly announced iPad Pro and the tent-cities already being founded like mining boomtowns around any and every retailer where the iCult’s Wolverine-like sniffers pick up the scent of even a trace of a whiff of a four-figure price tag.

It just isn’t an Apple unveiling event without one very proud keynote and an appropriately polished introductory video. This announcement laid out much more than just a commendably bigger 12.9″ retina display to assuage pleas for a more expansive screen. No, the iPad Pro is a silver marvel that’s bigger on the inside to the point of the third-generation A9X chip bursting with almost double the iPad 2’s CPU performance and some added polish to its re-engineered Multi-Touch subsystem.

Kind of like if a super-scrawny cyberman drunkenly knocked up a TARDIS.

More to the point, the 5.6-million megapixel 12.9″ display expands the hardware’s horizons for creative applications with its highest-resolution display to date. This addition to the iPad lineup is geared for robust 4K video, rich presentations, and the tools to organize a well-oiled business. It’s a tablet easily on par with any 64-bit desktop’s architecture.

It’s all capped off by the tandem of the A9X and the intuitive, secure and advanced iOS 9 providing the engine for almost unmatched multitasking. The addition of Siri and Spotlight searches make productive creativity more enjoyable and seamless than any Apple product before the iPad Pro. That’s because Apple quite literally designed iOS 9 and the iPad Pro with one another strongly in mind.

Apple also packed four high-fidelity speakers into the iPad Pro’s 1.57-lb., 6.9mm-thick body to the end of three times the iPad Air’s acoustic output and frequencies that adjust dynamically in accordance with the device’s physical position and angle. Meanwhile, the Smart Keyboard, one of two headlining new peripherals for the iPad Pro, interfaces with the tablet via the Smart Connector for a portable two-way power and data exchange.

In what we suppose would be the iCult’s equal to Bob Dylan plugging in at the Newport Folk Festival, Apple has also finally introduced a stylus to the iPad line, a peripheral addition late iconic Apple boss Steve Jobs famously bristled at with every occasion of its suggestion.

Since its introduction, Multi-Touch has added a certain immersive thrill to the iPad’s creative capacity, enabling perfection-driven artists to delicately and exactly command the very finest of lines and most delicate, soft shading for honing the most finite details. Early accounts suggest that the newly unveiled Apple Pencil feels as any artist’s instrument should: light and balanced, like an extension of the hand. In truth, it’s no ordinary stylus; much like the fine tip of a pencil or pen, its angle and pressure can change the character of a stroke, line, shade or effect dramatically. For digital artists, this may be the moment a tablet transcends to a truer brotherhood with traditional canvas. qaa

Starting at $799 and rounded out with Touch ID fingerprint-scan technology’s added security and the paired HD iSight and FaceTime cameras, the iPad Pro hits stores this November. Start lining up now.

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