Is This An App That Will Let You Finally Talk to Your Cat?

The ability to talk to animals has been something of a dream for animal lovers everywhere but always seemed a little far-fetched to ever actually happen

Well, believe it or not, there is now actually just an app that’s designed for cat owners to communicate with their feline friends.

human to cat translator

It’s called the ‘Human-to-Cat Translator’ (original name there) and it comes from a serious-sounding company called Electric French Fries. The idea is that you talk into the translator only for it to then convert what you’ve said into meows. The app available on IOS and Android features over 175 meows, sampled by 25 cats that lent their voice to the project. In theory then, you could say ‘dinner time’ and the app would turn that into a meow they would understand…

So you’re not likely to have a discussion about the meaning of life over a bottle of wine (or milk) any time soon. That said though, it’s certainly a bit of fun and for those who just want to mess with their cats, there’s also the option to create bird or mouse sounds. You can even get it to hiss, which any cat should be able to understand!

Want to talk to your kitty? Well now there’s an app for that!

Source – DamnGeeky


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