Antelope Muscle Activating Sportswear Promises Major Athletic Gains With Electrodes

Wearable tech has become as commonplace a fitness institution as sweat, towels, MP3 players and taking ridiculously awkward mirror-selfies. ANTELOPE Sportswear’s developers have raised an unthinkable 488% of their $75,000 Indiegogo goal – $366,175 from 427 backers with 40 campaign days to go as of Oct. 19, to be exact – based on one proposition: commonplace as wearables have become in gyms everywhere, only their line of activewear actually activates muscle tissue.



ANTELOPE’s Frankfurt, Germany-based backers claim that their clothing’s strategically positioned electrodes sewn into compression fabrics proactively improve strength, endurance, speed and coordination with gentle stimulation pumped into each major muscle group. The ANTELOPE Booster triggers the electrical impulses as guided by a companion tablet or smartphone app with the potential to generate supposed 20% increases in jumping ability, 10% more muscle volume, back pain reduced by 90%, and 30%-improved “performance”.

Currently, the ANTELOPE Sportswear line boasts five available items in four sizes suited to both sexes:

  • The ANTELOPE SUIT, with integrated sewn-in electrodes that can fire simultaneously to activate the chest, back, arms, upper legs, belly and bottom.
  • The ANTELOPE TANK TOP, with strategically sewn electrodes ideal for training front and back core muscles while gently correcting postural imbalances and protecting the spine from injury.
  • The ANTELOPE WOMEN’S DREAM pelvic floor pants, designed specially for women focused on strengthening the connective tissue of the bottom and upper legs by stimulating the quads and glutes.
  • ANTELOPE CALF GUARDS, for enhancing sprinting and jumping performance, muscular endurance and efficient movement, especially during cycling workouts.
  • ANTELOPE WING, which not only enhances throwing and striking power, but continuously strengthens and tones the biceps and triceps.

For those looking to ride the ANTELOPE themselves, current Indiegogo rewards include a personal “Thank You” on the product’s official Facebook page to a set of 8 complete ANTELOPE packages of all five items and ANTELOPE trainer accreditation through a comprehensive distribution and tutorial workshop.

Source – Indegogo

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